March 31st, 2007

The last one was created with Photoshop CS2’s automatic panorama maker tool. After noticing it looked like garbage, a person recommended a freeware program called Hugin because it’s ‘easy and automatic’. That might be true, but not for me. The program crashed a lot, but after 2 days of trial and error, I was finally able to produce a significantly awesomer result:

Apartmentorama bester

How it was done:

  • Canon xti mounted on a tripod, placed in the center of the room, mounted vertically.
  • 18mm lens (28.8mm in reality).
  • Snapped shots at about 30 degree increments (13 shots in a circle) with the camera level.
  • Snapped another set with the camera tilted more at the floor (12 shots that time).
  • Threw the shots into Hugin and 2 days later produced a 700MB tiff.
  • Final resolution: 10,655×2957