Pigeon Mobile

December 14th, 2006

I moved to New York City last summer, and every day for 3 months I sent (mostly) unsolicited résumés to local businesses. This was very boring. At one point I became convinced that Hotmail was broken because I couldn’t believe not 1 in 100 businesses would give me so much as an automated reply. I would have taken a robot over continual silence. Then again, I like robots.

On the tougher days I would gather up some loose change and buy a cup of coffee, wander the streets hugging myself, watch new mothers roll around their gross little babies – dogs pissing everywhere and sniffing each other’s asses, pigeons sharing sun-warmed bits of discarded lunchmeat.

Sure, it was tough times, but that’s all behind me. Now I’m a just another Wall Street millionaire banker. It’s pretty cool.

Only one physical artifact remains from those dark, tear stained pillow, times.

Pigeon Mobile

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