An additional rating option in Netflix

November 20th, 2009

** I just stumbled on this unfinished entry from many months ago. It’s unclear what it was all about, but it’s kind of funny just the way it is? **

Sometimes while viewing a DVD you may find yourself in a state of negative-enthusiasm. The appropriate response to this situation is to terminate the viewing experience.

** update 2: “UNWATCHABLE” should be the new rating option. Meaning you tried to watch it but couldn’t stick it out. Turning a movie off after 10 minutes and rating it as “HATED IT” is uninformative, because technically you only hated 10 minutes of it. You might have loved the end, and then would’ve given the entire film 3 stars, but you bailed, or I bailed, and now the overall rating average of that movie is skewed. **

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