Zodiac Murder Map

April 12th, 2007

Here’s an idea I’ve already done, so good luck stealing it.

It is a map that notes the locations of each Zodiac Killer attack, as well as the possible attacks, that occurred in California around 1969. I thought it’d be interesting to see how far he traveled during his deathcapades. I’m guessing he lived in the Vallejo area, or another crappy area in the East Bay area. Vallejo is a natural place to breed serial killers, in my opinion.

Click on the image to experience the total Zodiac Murder Map Experience experience.

Link to Google Map

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7 Responses to “Zodiac Murder Map”

  1. Sylvia on May 19, 2011 2:14 am

    Hi Paul:

    Interesting map you’ve created. My question is why you didn’t make reference to the Phillips 66 map with the Zodiac’s reticule on Mt. Diablo and the note indicating to set “0” to Mag. N. Since Zodiac told investigators that his ciphers referred to radians and inches along those radians… I believe his symbol is actually a compass rose.

    What do you think?

  2. Paul on August 29, 2011 7:45 pm

    Thanks for your input. I’ll see if I can draw the Phillips 66 map on top of my map.

  3. erwin makinde on September 22, 2012 6:36 pm

    “Lines of Force + Thought Vibrations”
    A possible Explanation For Several Unsolved San Francisco Bay Area Killings and The Unlocking Of Many American Mysteries.
    » Black Dahlia/ ZODIAC

    Notes for The ZODIAC PROJECT essay

    The meaning of the radian killings apexed on Mount Diablo in northern California is discoverable within nomenclature inherent to or that can be objectively attached to the victims and to locations specifically selected by the ZODIAC PROJECT.
    The northern California “RADIAN” KILLINGS attributed to, and claimed by the “ZODIAC” very much formed a previously invisible graphic reference to the interpolation of SCIENCE and the OCCULT. Decode and interpreted through mathematics, the observable STRUCTURE is a fully realized 60 degree stellar ray or sparkle of an alluded to HEXAGRAMIC STRUCTURE. It was surreptitiously created out of the assemblage of several precisely plotted victim name/ location ZODIAC PROJECT murders along two conjoined lines apexed on the summit of the Bay Area’s MOUNT DIABLO (DEVIL’s MOUNTAIN).
    But was this previously invisible graphic intended as a (near-unfathomable) acknowledgement of deceased scientists? Men of their eras who, in all likelihood, were also mage OCCULTISTS? Or an explanation of the killers’ actions.
    Firstly, the five known murders, two enigmatic mysteries and a supposed coincidence that borders on the frightfully anomalous, are what are referred to as ‘the Mount DIABLO radian killings’ because when the several crime locations and related mysteries are conjoined they easily create a precise two-lined graphic which approximates the prescribed 57.29° angle that is recognized in mathematics as a “RADIAN”. The definition of this mathematical unit of angular measurement used by engineers, surveyors and advanced mathematicians is constant: and does not vary.
    And secondly, the ZODIAC PROJECT in one of its many communiqués (26 June 1970) provided to media, police and public s a Phillips 66 service station map with a hand-drawn quadrated circle around Naval Radio Station situated atop Mount Diablo just east of the San Francisco Bay Area.
    In a subsequent letter the Zodiac Project indicated that the solution to the Mount Diablo code involved “radians and # inches along the radians”.
    Noted Zodiac researcher (and one time suspect) polymath Gareth Penn was first to publish a plausible hypothesis on how the ‘radian’ diagram intersected with ZODIAC criminality. {Show workings by PENN, FARMER and GRANT.}
    It appears very safe to inquiry to say that what was always contemplated by the BLACK DAHLIA/ ZODIAC PROJECT was the more esoterically meaningful sixty degree angle that would provided a fully realized stellar ray or sparkle of a HEXAGRAM apexed on the summit of Mount Diablo -THE DEVIL’s MOUNTAIN, if you will.
    The term “RADIAN” as furnished by the communicative ZODIAC PROJECT becomes almost superfluous because that was not what was created by precise plotting of coordinates. But it did serve its possibly intended purpose in that it focused the minds of investigators, researchers and observers on the possibility of a non-randomly created pattern being discoverable amongst the debris of the many unsolved crimes.


    The Lake HERMAN Road murders of BETTY LOU JENSEN and DAVID FARADAY

    The shooting deaths of two teenagers, David FARADAY + Betty Lou JENSEN at Lake Herman Road on 20 December 1968. FARADAY is a reference to NEWTONIAN science.
    MICHAEL FARADAY/ ELECTRICITY and ENERGY. 1831: MICHAEL FARADAY’s experiments that demonstrated his discovery of ELECTROMAGNETIC INDUCTION. JAMES CLERK MAXWELL began work on electromagnetic fields that transformed modern physics. This was marked by the first in his series of papers on the subject, “On FARADAY’s Lines of Force” (1855), the seeds for which was MICHAEL FARADAY’s paper “Thoughts on Ray Vibrations” (1846).
    HERMANN von HELMHOLTZ ELECTRICITY and THE PRINCIPLES OF CONSERVATION OF ENERGY in 1847. I reference in full an excerpt from COSMOS AND PSYCHE: IMITATION OF A NEW WORLD VIEW by RICHARD TARNAS, Penguin and Plume Books 2007: “HERMANN von HELMHOLTZ In 1847 formulated the PRINCIPLES OF CONSERVATION OF ENERGY. HELMHOLTZ’s analysis proved that mechanical work, heat and electricity were all different forms of the same physical substrate, a conclusion considered by many scientists to be the most important physical discovery of the nineteenth century”.


    BLUE ROCK SPRINGS easily translates to LAPIS LAZULI. A supposedly pivotal ingredient in a strain of OCCULT working. LAPIS = ROCK or STONE and AZUL is Latin for BLUE. The Zodiac Project murdered DARLENE FERRIN and wounded MICHAEL MAGEAU in The BLUE ROCK SPRINGS Golf Course parking lot on 4 July 1969.
    Many ZODIAC researchers have posited that ZODIAC PROJECT crimes and communication are replete with overt and hidden references to the automobile. MICHAEL MAGEAU’s middle name is RENAULT, after the French auto-maker.
    FERRIN (FE/ Iron) + MAGEAU (MAG/ Magnet)?


    The intersection of WASHINGTON and CHERRY Streets, Presidio Heights: The ZODIAC PROJECT Killing of cabbie PAUL STINE

    The Zodiac Project killed cab driver PAUL LEE STINE at the intersection of WASHINGTON and CHERRY in PRESIDIO Heights district of San Francisco on 11 October 1969. His cab was hailed several miles away and was required to proceed to WASHINGTON and MAPLE. This location was, in transit, altered to WASHINGTON and CHERRY in PRESIDIO HEIGHTS, north San Francisco where he was shot to death.
    The means of unravelling this coded clue within the event resides in American history. The source of the George WASHINGTON and the CHERRY tree apocrypha is a writer by the name of Mason Locke Weems (1756- 1825), otherwise known as “PARSON Weems”. The launch of the three-man APOLLO SEVEN mission, a vital pre-cursor to grand Apollo eleven Lunar landing, took place on 11 October 1968. (A year to the day PAUL LEE STINE was murdered.)
    Obviously this auspicious event in America’s space program and marker of national pride had no connection to the Zodiac malfeasance, but its anniversary was utilized in a date + place inference to identify a person: that person is JOHN WHITESIDE “JACK” PARSONS eminence Gris of pioneering rocketry and co-founder of CALTECH’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory, a cornerstone of the American space program. The APOLLO Seven mission, in a sense, was the apotheosis of PARSONS’ stellar contribution to rocketry and space exploration. Though largely forgotten outside core scientific circles, there was a time when his pioneering work in solid-fuel composition was considered far ahead of the prodigious Germans.
    PAUL LEE STINE’s murder at WASHINGTON and CHERRY intersection was a very direct and unambiguous reference to America’s pre-eminent President George WASHINGTON and the apocrypha of the CHERRY tree. The source of the sometimes questioned lore is “PARSON Weems”.
    The meaning is extracted through the triangulation of metaphoric significances: San Francisco cabbie PAUL LEE STINE was shot and killed by a fare at the intersection of WASHINGTON and CHERRY on 11 OCTOBER 1969, the one year anniversary of the pivotal APOLLO 7 lunar mission.
    The source of the WASHINGTON and CHERRY apocrypha is PARSON Weems. Rockets and PARSON Weems can only mean JACK WHITESIDE PARSONS —the pre-eminent rocket scientist who died in 1952. Also, if the killing of PAUL LEE STINE at WASHINGTON and CHERRY was only a pointer: the pointer does not necessarily point to 1776, but in all likelihood to JACK PARSONS.
    ZODIAC researcher RAMOND GRANT plausibly claims that the remains of nurse DONNA LASS who was abducted on the 6 of September 1970 and subsequently murdered, was temporarily buried at a point on USGS survey maps recognized as
    BENCHMARK 54. That would be beneath a location known as DRAGON PLAZA situated at 739 Clay Street.) But why would GRANT make such assertions? {Corroborate with passages from the two ZODIAC letters: BOMB + DRAGON/ DIG postcards, and their possible interpretations.}
    So, apart from the obvious and easily identifiable MICHAEL FARADAY and HERMANN von HELMHOLTZ, is the alluded to and richly hidden reference of JOHN MARVELOUS WHITESIDE “JACK” PARSONS: renowned twentieth-century pioneering rocket scientist and mage occultist (1914—1952). It must be said that those several acts of criminal transgression committed in the late sixties/ early seventies could not possibly be the hand of PARSONS for he died in 1952 aged thirty two.
    There were, and possibly still are, many mysteries surrounding the death and cremation of JACK PARSONS. Was the ZODIAC PROJECT hinting that it knew something about the demise of PARSONS that would clear the mystery. PARSON was killed as a result of an accidental explosion in his home laboratory. Any explosion could loosely be described as a BOMB. Was JACK PARSONS’ death a result of intrigue? Was this the meaning of the ZODIACS time-sensitive “BOMB” riddle?
    Or was it a reference to the unfound remains of DONNA LASS? DONNA LASS and JACK PARSONS —two individuals of separate generations utterly unconnected and unknown to each other— appear, by metaphorical, oblique and illusory means, to be very connected to the south leg of the MOUNT DIABLO diagram: and specifically to the locations known as BM54 and WASHINGTON and CHERRY Streets intersection. ►►

    tt Through the south leg of the geometric form created by the ZODIAC project, it appears an uncommon knowledge pertaining to JACK WHITESIDE PARSONS’ is being expressed. The abduction and murder of DONNA LASS and her most likely burial somewhere along the south leg of the Mount Diablo graphic metaphorically constructed by the ZODIAC PROJECT —possibly at BENCH MARK 54— appears to be THE ZODIAC PROJECT’s allusion to PARSONS’ most famous working of magic; The 1946 BABALON WORKING.
    In that event, which allegedly took place in Pasadena, southern California, PARSONS is said to have fused together through alchemical and magical means the essence of two female entities. A living woman + a female spirit summoned from the nether world to form a single female entity of his desires and aims. The etymologically and phonetically proper fore and surnames of the rather unfortunate MS LASS’ fitted seamlessly
    the alliterative aims of the ZODIAC PROJECT.
    Both names essentially mean FEMALE. DONNA is Latin for little girl or young lady. And in Scotland a young female or unmarried young woman is referred to as a LASS. Graphically, DONNA LASS’s name can be viewed as GIRL + GIRL/ LADY + YOUNG WOMAN: WOMAN + WOMAN, WOMAN2.
    Phonetically, the pronouncing and pronunciation of DONNA LASS could be obliquely appreciated as “DONE a LASS” or more expansively “I have created a LASS. I have conjured into this realm a female entity of my desires and aims.
    Twenty-five year-old Nurse DONNA LASS was last seen at her place of employment: the SAHARA RESORT and CASINO in STATELINE, Nevada at about 1:40 AM on the 6th of September 1970. Her soiled uniform was found in her office and her vehicle was located at her apartment complex over the border in SOUTH LAKE TAHOE, California. Nobody at the SAHARA RESORT recollected seeing her leave. And, obviously, at such hour of the day, her neighbors were equally unaware if she made it home.
    Two sets of communication (pastiche and pasted-up postcards) sent over a six-month period by the ZODIAC project and received by the San Francisco CHRONICLE, The San Francisco Examiner and The San Francisco Times, hinted about the fate and whereabouts of the missing Ms LASS and implied the sender was knowledgeable on the fate and whereabouts of DONNA LASS. It is largely accepted that the communication was genuinely ZODIAC project but its content was mostly indecipherable, largely inaccessible and possibly not understood.
    But by conjoining an allusion to PARSONS with another to DONNA LASS, was the ZODIAC project leeringly refuting the veracity of the BABALON working or were they smugly acknowledging its authenticity? Or, does this all point to the mystery surrounding JACK PARSONS demise?
    But of what nature is the inclusion and acknowledgement of JACK PARSONS? It could be interpreted —as equally valid inter-changables— tribute and salutation for PARSONS scientific and occult achievements or a graphic mockery for some perceived failing on his part. If the ‘text’ of the sixty degree graphic representing ZODIAC MURDERS indeed reads as a denigration or mockery of PARSONS, then its ‘sub-texture’ would almost certainly translate as Te Moriarty Salutamus in honor of another who apparently excelled in both scientific pursuits (medical doctor and surgeon) and the esoteric (occult ritual killer) Dr GEORGE HILL HODEL who’s retirement High-rise condo is situated along the south leg of the sixty degree graphic. Also located on the south leg of the incomplete HEXAGRAMMIC structure is MOUNTAIN VIEW cemetery: the final resting place of BLACK DAHLIA ELIZABETH SHORT. Did the ZODIAC PROJECT consider JACK PARSONS a pretender and GEORGE HILL HODEL the real deal?

    The TRIANGULATION of an ANONYMOUS continuation of intriguing events

    And from the preceding passage has emerged a possibility beyond arrant conjecture, and a firm hypothesis, that seems to offer meaning and staggering message: The ZODIAC “RADIAN” killings —which very startling and obliquely references and conjoin on more that one level the BLACK DAHLIA killing of ELIZABETH SHORT and her suspected killer Dr GEORGE HILL HODEL— was the anonymous continuation of the 1947 South NORTON Avenue and 39th Street HORROR of HORRORS.
    And within a series of killings that reference: LIGHT, ENERGY, ELECTRICITY and the BLACK DAHLIA, it behoves inquiry to mention those references possibly dovetail with the 12 April 1970 ritualized killing of San Francisco LAMPMLIGHTER ROBERT SALEM and the final work of art by French avante garde/ Dadaist MARCEL DUCHAMP titled Étant donnés. That enigmatic piece of work has been informedly described by many commentators as having content reminiscent of the horrific 1947 ELIZABETH SHORT crime scene. (SALEM designed and made lamps for a living.)
    The naked, and seemingly dead, female subject depicted within Étant donnés is clearly observed holding a flaming lamp or lantern. If ELIZABETH SHORT was effigiously killed for baring a lamp or lantern, could ROBERT SALEM -the LAMPLIGHTER of STEVENSON Street, San Francisco- been also effigiously murdered by BLACK DAHLIA/ ZODIAC PROJECT in lieu of some other significant entity?
    The south leg of the partial HEXAGRAMMIC structure apexed on the summit of Mount DIABLO and which terminates at WASHINGTON and CHERRY intersection, looms significantly close to the STEVENSON Street location of ROBERT SALEM’s workplace and home. It also passes through USGS BENCH MARK 54 and if a straight line is drawn from BM54 to ROBERT SALEM’s home/ factory, the resulting angle between that line and the south leg of the partial HEXAGRAMIC structure apexed on MOUNT DIABLO would be 57.3: the mathematical prerequisite for a radian.
    It is an incontrovertible assertion that the south leg of the structure accounts for the female holding the LAMP (1947) and, and almost a quarter century later, the designer or maker of LAMPS (1970). That his surname was SALEM, well, that is the only piece of data open to conjecture and mystery.
    The distillation of this analysis and audit of mystagogic events integral to comprehending two very high profiled series of intriguing and frightful American series of murders: one set in 1940s Los Angeles and CHICAGO and the others which took place late sixties/ early seventies in northern California, will appear in utter contradiction to most established perceptions and ingrained notions attached to hitherto separate spates of criminality. But it will emerge and be manifest that the visibly high INTELLECT within the IMPETUS/ CONTROLs which devised and underwrote the BLACK DAHLIA horror and the ZODIAC PROJECT mystery are actually metaphorically and structurally conjoined and the latter events were most likely a continuity of the former because anonymously present on the south leg of the sixty degree graphic is the cemetery —MOUNTAIN VIEW cemetery— where BLACK DAHLIA ELIZABETH SHORT is buried.


    It would appear that who ever designed the mystery theatre centred on the summit of MOUNT DIABLO and radiated out over the San Francisco Bay Area, was conversant with two pieces of nineteenth century scientific literature. One written by eminent physicist MICHAEL FARADAY and another by physicist JAMES CLERK MAXWELL. MAXWELL’s “ON FARADAY’s LINES OF FORCE” was based on a dissertation by FARADAY titled “THOUGHS ON RAY VIBRATIONS”. Not being a scientist, inquiry is not in the position to ascertain what scientific thoughts was being postulated by either. But the titles of each paper is almost self explanatory as regards the ZODIAC PROJECT’s intent and the possible achieving what they intended.
    The two previously invisible lines conjoined at 60 degrees and apexed on the summit of MOUNT DIABLO were created out of multiple murders and attempted murders and were achieved partly through guile, but mainly through transgression and brute violence. In other words: “FORCE”. Terror and force over several years were the essential building blocks in constructing the previously invisible GEOMETRIC form.
    And what exactly was that now mathematically recognizable and quantifiable GEOMETRIC shape or form? The degree of angle observable was more than the prescriptive 57.29 degrees to qualify as a “RADIAN” as announced by the ZODIAC PROJECT themselves. What was created approximated 60 degrees. And since a RADIAN is no more or less that the prescriptive 57.29 degrees, it can be asserted that the RADIAN was never the true aim of the OCCULT influenced ZODIAC PROJECT. What their communication with the media and police omitted to mention is they always wanted to construct over the San Francisco Bay Area out of sporadic outbreaks of isolated terror and “FORCE” was a fully realized 60 degree stellar “RAY” or SPARKLE of an alluded to HEXAGRAMMIC structure. This notion is re-enforced by an implied meaning within the title of MICHAEL FARADAY’s 1846 thesis “THOUGHTS ON RAY VIBRATIONS”.
    Inquiry believes that in the world of physics, JAMES CLERK MAXWELL’s “ON FARADAY’s LINES OF FORCE” written in 1855 and MICHAEL FARADAY’s 1846 “THOUGHS ON RAY VIBRATIONS”, are usually regarded and appreciated as twin dissertations: conjoined by a common subject matter and explanatory purpose. This likely “doppelganger” association was most certainly known to the INTELLECT/ IMPETUS/ CONTROL which devised the Bay Area ZODIAC PROJECT mystery theatres and creating a 60 degree HEXAGRAMMIC stellar RAY was always their desire because that is what was created: A fully realized 60 degree stellar RAY of an alluded to HEXAGRMMIC structure that was made visible through the application of mathematics. And since the ZODIAC PROJECT was an OCCULT inspired enterprise it can only be speculated upon the purpose of the invisible matrix constructed of murder, mayhem and terror.
    Re: The BLACK DAHLIA Case + The ZODIAC PROJECT: Aspects of Re-appraisal and Another Perspective
    This is an incomplete, unsequenced and unproofed copy of my thesis. I will send you the final edition once completed.
    Thanks for your kind attention | Erwin Makinde emx2v9@aol.co.uk |22 AUGUST 2012

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