Game: Falling Cheese

November 20th, 2006

I’ve been carrying this around for a while, but it’s such a brilliant idea I had to add it.

Mouse Cheese










What’s going on here?

This mouse is stuck on this teeter-totter contraption, as pieces of cheese continuously fall on either end, threatening to throw the balance off.

A cat (or other mouse predator – mongoose maybe?) roams below and cheese falls on his head (when this happens you get extra points.)

This is a very lo-fi idea – I tried to get the Flash guys at work to make it for me, and although I could see through their sarcastic mocking that they were really in love with the idea, they told me it was stupid and refused to help me.

I imagine this would have some really great physics.

Design notes:

The mouse could eat the cheese, but if he ate too much would throw up, offsetting the balance again.  As the platform leans to one side, the cheese begins sliding down the slope, so the mouse would need to run to the other side to regain balance.

The original idea called for poo, rather than cheese.  I don’t know why.