Nature-Walk Cell Phone application

February 22nd, 2009


How it’s used: take a snapshot of any plant you come across, and the application tells you what it is.

How it might work: plant database would be kept of all types of plants. Using technology like Apple or Google’s face-detection, the software would compare the shape/color of a leaf, for example, and compare it to all of the images in its plant database. Then it’d take you to its own website or Wikipedia page about the plant.

The database and application would exist in some puffy white thing. The phone application would simply snap the picture, and send it to a server somewhere where all the analysis would be done.

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Instead of working…

February 20th, 2009

I want my projected-salary for the year taken from...

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Here’s how it’d work:

The rich person: their lifestyle wouldn’t be affected, they’d just be annoyed.

The poor people: you’d get some money from each poor person, but still leave each of them enough to live on; but JUST enough. If you took all of their wages to create your income, they’d starve and die pretty fast, then you’d have to find a job.

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