Cancer cancer

February 3rd, 2008

cancer cancer

updated 01/09: new thoughts on this post: good idea.

Broken mirrors and the rules of bad luck from Steal My Ideas

February 2nd, 2008

(Notes from Tuesday’s subway ride)

Breaking a mirror gets you 7 years of bad luck. Got it.

But what if you break the same mirror into many pieces? Does that multiply the bad luck? If I break one mirror into 3 pieces is that 3×7 (21 by my estimation) years of bad luck? Or do you not count multiple breaks occurring in a single breaking incident?

What about this: I break 2 mirrors, lets say one today and one tomorrow. Is that 14 years of bad luck or 7 years of really bad luck?

And this: you’re carrying a mirror and trip over someone’s boot. Do you get to share the bad luck with the owner of the boot? 3 1/2 for you and 3 1/2 for them? Then again, you’re the one who dropped it, sucker.

Not all mirrors are created equal are they? Some have got to be more durable than others. What if a feeble old lady walks along, drops a mirror, and sends it shattering into a million pieces? Would she drop dead on the spot from 10 million years of instant bad luck?

Let’s say you were flying a F-15 fighter jet and bombed a mirror factory. Would the rest of your life, so impossibly crammed with bad luck, be plagued by totally improbable events? Your luck is so bad there is not enough time in a day to experience ordinary bad luck, so crazy stuff would happen to you like every time you lifted your hand you’d poke your self in the eye.

Who makes the rules and who enforces them? Or does nature keep tabs? Is there a bad luck fairy? There’s probably so much bad luck to keep track of and dole out you’d need specialists. Like one guy who keeps tabs on people walking under ladders and opening umbrellas indoors.

And how do you tell the difference between bad luck and just shit that happens?

updated 01/09: new thoughts on this post: TOO LONG. Good illustration of communication inefficiency and laziness. Keeping the attention of internet users requires concise bursts of information. Like spraying your dog in the face with a squirt bottle.

If you aren’t that sick, maybe it’s just a semacode

February 2nd, 2008

Print out the image below and then put it everywere. That way any nerd with a semacode reading cell phone can discover this awesome website.

Steal My Ideas semacode

If you’re interested in making your own (I don’t know why if you’ve already got mine) you can do it at the official Semacode page, or at Kaywa.

updated 01/09: new thoughts on this post: self-aware nerdy, attempting to play off as cool nerdy. End result: embarrassing.