February 18th, 2007

Apartment Panorama

Invention: Helium Backpack

February 15th, 2007

Remember my promise for hundreds of backpack inventions? Well, I’m following through kind of. I stopped bugging Forrest, so he stopped producing sketches of my ideas. Too bad. But, at least I got 2 drawings out of him…

Anyway, here’s another backpack:

Helium Backpack

The fact that it isn’t even a backpack is even better.

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February 8th, 2007

This is a screen-shot of a website I created in 1997, based on an idea I had one day. The site itself didn’t actually do anything – the links highlighted when you moused-over them. There was a FAQ, too, but everything you needed to know was contained in the first page. Oh yeah, the yellow ring animated through the white areas for no reason.

It’s probably the best idea I’ll ever have.


Invention: Wrist Watch with Built-In Bottle Opener

February 4th, 2007

Just like it says.